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Kobett Metals not only manufactures and inventories domestic manufacturers of gutters and downspouts but we also provide the Euracraft Gutter Systems as well. Euracraft Gutter and Seamless Downspouts and Ultra Smooth Elbows are the trademark of Euracraft. EuraCraft Gutter System™ is also famous for its classic European style all its own. It features expanded pipe ends for a smooth fit appearance, hinged pipe hooks with the option for spike thread attachment, deep drawn miter construction and plug in outlets with vortex draining benefits that can be moved and positioned anywhere. EuraCraft is available in 5″, 6″ and 7.56″ sizes.

– Features high strength 18 oz. Copper for durability
– Seamless downspouts, elbows and miters
– Classic European appearance adds prestige and beauty
– Easy-to-install solderless system