How Zinc Compares to Other Roofing Metals

We’ve all heard of Zinc but there are some things about this wonderful metal that you may not know. For example, while zinc is very common and mined globally it is considered to be one of the most sustainable metals used in construction because it’s low melting point requires less energy to convert it into recyclable material. This is just one of the reasons zinc has gained in popularity versus other types of metals and materials.

EurogutterUSA Zinc Gutter System

One of the areas where zinc has risen in popularity is in zinc gutter systems.

If you’re thinking about a zinc gutter system for your next project, here are some additional facts to consider when making your decision:

1. Zinc is Durable

Because it is a non-ferrous metal, you won’t see the same type of corrosion as you might with aluminum or other cheaper metals. Like copper, zinc develops a patina over time that protects the outer layer increasing the lifespan of the gutter. As the patina accrues, it also hides imperfections such as scratches, so there’s very little maintenance necessary to keep it looking nice.

2. Zinc is Affordable

Next to copper, zinc is the most enduring metal you can choose for your gutter system. What this means for you is that you may rarely – if ever – need to replace it over the span of your home’s life. Standard aluminum gutters may give you about 20 years at best. Another advantage with zinc is that because the resale value of the raw material is relatively low, it is not the type of metal that is attractive to thieves.

3. Zinc Offers Choices

Unlike other gutter metals, zinc is available in different colors. EuroGutterUSA, for instance, works with VMZINC to develop a variety of color choices that make is possible to match virtually and commercial or residential exterior.

Only Buy Zinc from a Trusted Source

Now that you’re thinking about zinc as an option for your gutter system, the next step is find the most qualified and knowledgeable zinc dealer in your area. Kobett Metals is the exclusive distributor of EuroGutterUSA on the west coast, which manufactures European style zinc gutters and zinc gutter parts of the highest quality. These zinc gutter systems use a seamless construction that is stronger, more durable and better looking than traditional crimped versions.

For more information on zinc gutter systems, contact Kobett Metals today!