Kobett Metals can provide a large variety of Copper Rain Chains and Aluminum Rain Chains, in an assortment of colors, and in Stainless Steel. The choices are many, in a variety of Cups, Links, and Circles. We can cut to any length and sell in any quantity.

Rain chains are commonly used as an alternative to downspouts. Although they are primarily decorative, their design channels rainwater from the gutter downward to a drain or other receptacle. In some cases, the rainwater can be collected for home usage.

One of the typical features of rain chains are the series of metal cups where the rainwater is collected. As the cups fill, the water flows down through the hole in the cup’s bottom to the next cup in the chain.

We have a huge in-stock inventory! As an authorized Berger Building Products Distributor we have many more options for you to choose from. Contact us for more details or to request a free quote.

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  • Copper Double Link Ring Rain Chain

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That's all for now...! Keep Visiting for Latest Updates